Tranzform Ammonium Sulfate is a zinc enhanced solid fertilizer that contains twenty percent nitrogen and twenty-four percent sulfur. Tranzform helps grow more nutritious crops that contain essential nutrients for plant and human health. The production process, utilizing zinc as a binding agent during crystallization, is unique in the industry and results in an ammonium sulfate which provides nitrogen, sulfur and zinc in readily available forms to increase crop production and improve human health.

International Raw Materials markets and distributes Tranzform across the US Pacific Northwest and in Western Canada.

Tranzform Ammonium Sulfate is a Climate Smart product. The essential plant nutrients are recovered from a zinc production stream and carefully cleaned, refined, and crystallized to create a sustainable fertilizer that is suitable for crops and is environmentally friendly. Ammonium Sulfate does not denitrify under water conditions which reduces potential impact to our water systems compared to other nitrogen fertilizers.

Zinc helps plants form proteins, starches, and growth hormones. In human health, zinc intake contributes to a normal growth rate and is an essential part of our diets. In fact, low zinc content in food crops contributes to zinc deficiency in about 30 percent of human diets. Zinc enhanced fertilizer can lead to a substantial increase in crop production and play a significant role in human health.

Tranzform Ammonium Sulfate is available from the following locations:

Idaho Oregon Montana Utah Washington Canada
American Falls Aurora Billings Corinne Clarkston Brandon, MB
Blackfoot Hermiston     Othello  
Interstate Port of Portland     Pasco  


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